Dr Jana Jenkins CPsychol, BSc Hons, AFBPsS

Chartered Clinical Psychologist





Dr Jana Jenkins (BSc, PsychD, AFBPsS)

Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Director of Key Therapy Associates Limited


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For face to face appointments from 1st November, I work from my home office in a beautiful rural relaxing setting in South West France.


Villas de Leypinas

19210 Saint Pardoux Corbier



PHONE NUMBER: 0044 7544 752667


Please ring me or email me for arranging an initial appointment.


I would be very happy to have an initial chat on the phone for free or signpost you.




I first started seeing Jana through talking therapies due to depression and anxiety. I was originally referred for CBT, however it was soon apparent this form of therapy would not suit my needs.  Rather than discharging me from the service, Jana adapted and personalised her approach to fully support me. Having previously had therapy, I was very psychologically aware.  Jana recognised this and treated me as an equal, rather than patronising me, we worked in partnership.  Through her approach I was able to deal with issues which in the past had been a no go.
She supported me in getting the right diagnoses, and didn't treat me differently or discriminate against me because of these.

from a satisfied client.